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What is a CHAIR BUDDY?
It is an organizational tool for students.
Chair buddies have 1 or 3 pockets and are made of medium weight fabric. They increase the storage capacity at desks or tables without taking up additional space.

Teachers & Students love turning their seat into a Chair Buddy!


MY STORY: Where it all began!
My first Chair Buddies, 7 years later and still rocking!

My first Chair Buddies are still going 7 years later!In high school I took a fashion design class and loved it! However my passion was always music, so I received my BA in Music Ed and taught elementary music for several years.  Years later I found myself a stay-at-home mom, but I still wanted to cultivate my creativity.  I had started doing alterations and sewing projects for friends in my spare time.  In 2008 a friend asked if I could make something for our children's kindergarten teacher.  I made my first  set of classroom Chair Buddies and my new business was born.  

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