Sewing Buddy - The Official Site for Chair Buddies
This product was developed to meet the needs of my son's kindergarten class.
You can choose from 3 different sizes, 2 pocket designs, and either red or blue fabric.
Each Chair Buddy is made to fit a specific chair size and is contoured to fit the chair snuggly.
They do not touch the ground or hang over the sides.
Small 1-pocket
Small 1-pocket
K-1st Grade
$5.00 each
Medium 3-pocket
Medium 3-pocket
2nd-3rd Grade
Kindergarten Classroom
Kindergarten Classroom
2nd Grade classroom
2nd Grade classroom
  • made with sturdy medium weight fabric.                               Measurement (across the top of chair back)
  • dark color hides dirt and any careless marker drawings.                 Small      12 inches
                                                                                                           Medium  14 inches
  • incredibly durable and easily thrown in the wash.                             Large     15 inches
 Chair Buddies are made to fit YOUR needs. Have a special request?
Want a special size, pocket configuration, or color?
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